Featured Guest Post – Nazeim Brame’s “North Star: Your Life’s Vision”

Would you expect to find your way to another country without some sort of guide? Of course not. Much in the same way, the life goals you plan on achieving require a vision that allows you to see where you’re headed. In this guest post, Nazeim Brame shares a chapter from his Self Improvement Manual focusing on finding our north star. This is a crucial step that we can take to become the best version of ourselves. 

A huge thanks to Nazeim for sharing his work with the Moody tribe! Read on below:

North Star: Your Life’s Vision 

Vision -> Passion -> Action -> Resilience 

“He whose life has a why can bear almost any how” 

Your brain is an expectation machine, your expectations maximize your productivity. If you set low expectations for yourself, then you’ll only achieve low levels of success in life, the inverse is true. 

Your expectations are always limiting your growth. Set massive goals to work towards in life, the bigger the goal, the more likely you are to succeed. Don’t ever let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big. This is often the biggest pitfall for people pursuing their vision; don’t let the opinions of others hold you back. 

Don’t live other people’s dreams & be careful to not be blinded by dollars. Do what you love & love what you do. Your vision must be crystal clear, be meaningful, & be congruent with who you are. Your vision is your purpose in life, it’s the motivational force that drives you forward. After defining your vision, it’s important that you master time management in order to prioritize action so that you can progress towards it. 

Repetitive visualization is a technique that will reinforce the method & actualization of your dreams. If you visualize yourself doing something then you’re more likely to achieve it. 

A vision elicits emotions, fires you up, & helps you stay focused. Visualize your vision as if you’ve already achieved it, imagine yourself as successful. 

Don’t just think it, ink it. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. Minimize the noise in your life & increase your focus on what’s most important to achieve your vision. Consciously build a support system around you that allows you to focus on your strengths. 

Don’t waste mental energy on things you don’t believe will contribute in some way to achieve your vision. This is the difference between being effective & being efficient. To be effective is to do the right thing, to be efficient is to do things right. 

If things on your to do list don’t relate to your North Star you need to think about why and if the things you’re doing matter. Whenever there’s a possibility of change think of what impact that’ll have on your vision. Will it take you closer or further away? 

Visions are nothing but dreams without action. What time are you committing to your vision each day? Every week? What’re you going to stop doing so you can give more time for your vision? 

Passion is suffering for the sake of your vision. It’s loving what you do so much that you’re willing to suffer for it. Prioritize your passions, & say no to distractions when you’re pursuing your vision. Be good to yourself & others, and let others be good to you. Take time to celebrate victories & rest every once in awhile. 

Find your passion and prioritize it, it ‘ll drive you through rough patches in life & will keep you going. Have your passion & vision written down so you’re reminded of them everyday. 

Lose yourself in a life you love & share it with others. You can’t fake your passion, make sure you’re living it. Passion is the emotional connection to your vision. It’s necessary because it drives everything. 

Action means taking the first step, and then the next one. Procrastination interferes with action, take small steps to progress forward consistently towards your vision! 

Don’t let the size of a goal discourage you from getting started, the only way to eat an elephant is by taking 1 bite at a time. 

Prioritize action that will lead to executing your vision! Better to start than to procrastinate. Don’t make excuses, stop reasoning why you can’t prioritize action! There’s plenty of hours of the day where no one is holding you accountable, if you keep doing what is comfortable & easiest, you’ll get stuck. 

Stop just checking boxes on your to do list, instead do the hardest thing first, no matter how unpleasant it may be. No one ever failed to achieve their goals because they did the hardest thing first. 

Find a way to make action a priority & make your next step. The goal is to keep going forward and make progress. Don’t repeat the same step over again. 

Every action is a potential lesson that can inform you about your vision or business. Record your actions and your results, record how you do & how it turns out. There’s no substitute for taking action, anything else is just an excuse. Fail fast, learn, and move on. 

Have your vision visible so you’re always reminded of your goal. Your actions must be aligned with your vision. Develop the action habit & a culture of taking action. Surround yourself with others who will help you act & see your vision. 

We overvalue fear, and give it too much power. Develop emotional intelligence and understand that the most growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens! 

Take fear and turn it into a motivator for action, refuse to let it over influence you or stop you from taking action. From now on look at fear as an opportunity to grow! 

6 techniques for taking action 1. Follow the 40/70 rule (Gather 40-70 % of data before executing) 2. Consider the worst case scenario (What’s the worst that can happen?) 3. Find out what’s missing 4. Assess the risk of inaction (What do I risk losing if I don’t take action now?) 5. Avoid the “when” then trap (‘When x I’ll do y’ = the when trap) 6. Identify the best thing that could happen. (Think of what opportunities there are & take action) 

Your confidence in you needs to be stronger than anyone’s doubt. It’s better to rock the boat than to die sinking in it. 

Resilience is dealing with obstacles, change & uncertainty. The easy choice is always to give up. The hard choice is to master resilience & to remain hopeful & look forward to the future. Resilient people have a habit of bouncing back after setbacks, they FAIL FORWARD. 

Each failure is an opportunity for growth & is vital for perfecting execution. If you’re not failing & bouncing back constantly you aren’t trying hard enough! Come back stronger and wiser each time, learn from your mistakes. 

Resilience is about having a growth mindset to allow for creativity and adaption. In every situation there’s an opportunity to learn & see things differently this is a growth mindset. It’s a constant search beyond the obvious & is to consider alternatives to problems & situations. 

To be resilient you must be able to foster growth, yesterday’s failure can become tomorrow’s success, if you take the right steps. Training yourself to see different perspectives on many issues will allow you to find solutions to almost any problem. 

You must develop resilience before you need it, it must become who you are. Develop it before a crisis or failure occurs. You need perseverance & self belief! 

Emotional strength is the ability to keep moving in the face of adversity. This keeps our growth mindset proactive. “I did my best, and that’s all I could do” always make the best of your situation, consider the worst & best choice & then execute! Ask yourself: “What’s the strongest course of action I could take right now?” 

Make a habit of putting yourself in the face of rejection all the time. If you’re not willing to be uncomfortable then you’re not willing to grow. Expect things to go wrong and practice being resilient. 

Keep a balanced perception about situations that challenge you by not taking things personally, this will develop resilience in all areas of your life. Seek out failure & rejection DAILY. 

Never let money keep you from being resilient. (It’s as important to figure out what you DON’T like as it is to figure out what you DO like).

Don’t blink, don’t let the chaos around you break you, have confidence in yourself that you’ll be okay. Developing the mindset that looks for lessons and positives in any situation is essential to building resilience. 

The 4 headlines of this chapter: Vision, Passion, Action, & Resilience are what will bring your North Star to life. Dreams remain dreams unless you take action & transform them into reality. 

You can find Nazeim on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ZEEMZILLA– be sure to give him a follow (I do!) for more amazing content on how to create a purpose-filled life as well as valuable information for entrepreneurs in all areas of business. 

If you’d like to purchase the full version of Nazeim’s Self Improvement Manual, you can do so here.

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