Hypefury Review – A Powerful Way to Schedule Tweets

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Hey everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you my review of Hypefury; the growing Twitter tool that I’ve been using to schedule my tweets. I signed up for the service on February 12th, 2020 after seeing numerous other accounts rave about how wonderful it was. I’m always eager to try new productivity and automation tools to make my business run more smoothly, so I decided to give it a try.

Why should you schedule your tweets?

Tweet scheduling is a great way to boost your account quickly- whether you decide to try Hypefury or another tool like Social Bee, Zlappo or Tweetdeck. You save time by being able to schedule many posts in advance. This allows you to remain engaged with your followers and continue to create valuable content without babysitting Twitter all day. Time is valuable, as every entrepreneur knows. I believe that every reply you make should always be in real time, but scheduling your offers and other content to be spread throughout the day is a game-changer.

My humble tweet-scheduling beginnings:

Previously, I had been using Tweetdeck to schedule my posts. It is a great tool and was very attractive to me when just starting out with my Twitter account because it’s free. I totally understand not wanting to spend a lot of money upfront on something “optional” like tweet scheduling, so if you aren’t quite ready to upgrade to a paid service, I definitely recommend a free tool like Tweetdeck (which has a ton of other great features as well). I used Tweetdeck for about a month before deciding to move on to something more advanced.

The problem with Tweetdeck:

Although Tweetdeck was great, I still had to manually select a day and time that I wanted the tweet to be sent, and this started to become time-consuming in itself. Also, even though I was able to view the most recent tweets sent out, there was no place to view my entire history of scheduled tweets or keep track of my best performing ones. The more my account began to grow, the more important analytics became and I needed a way to retweet the posts that gained the most engagement. Tweetdeck was seriously lacking this area.

Why Hypefury caught my attention:

I had seen Hypefury floating around for a while. On the home page of their site, big names I had recognized from Twitter like Charles Miller, Jose Rosado, Ed Latimore, Lawrence King, and more were featured. This made me curious, as well as the 14-day free trial being offered. I hit up the “Features & Pricing” tab to see what the big deal was all about.

Hypefury review


At this point, I already had over 300 followers (although that $9 a month would have been sweet!), so I didn’t qualify for the small account plan. And I couldn’t quite justify an entire $40 a month yet, even though I wanted the perks of analytics. But $14/mo, I could do that. Considering I don’t care much about importing of other tweets and Twitter itself does have built-in analytics for me to track, the standard plan seemed reasonable.

Hypefury also boasted some other interesting features that made it stand out from Tweetdeck. These were being able to mark tweets as “evergreen”, the ability to schedule entire threads, and the ability to schedule retweets. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the free 14-day trial on the standard plan so I could play around with these and see if this platform would serve my needs.

Hypefury review

My first impressions:

So, I go ahead and sign up, and link my Twitter account. Afterward, I get a nice welcome email from Samy at Hypefury, offering his assistance in case I need help setting up my account or have any questions.  That’s always nice. I also received emails from Hypefury co-founder Yannick, and I have to say that any question I’ve had since joining has been answered quickly and efficiently. Good customer service is huge in my eyes, so I felt like I was off to a great start with this service.

Getting started:

Opening Hypefury on my desktop, I was immediately impressed by the clean layout. I’ve been asked by several people how I like it and I always say the same thing: it reminds me of writing in a journal. You have a big space to jot down your thoughts without being distracted by unnecessary tabs or buttons. You can draft tweets both inside the main composer to be saved for later, or directly within the queue section to automatically add it to your schedule. Here’s a look at the writing space inside the queue:

Hypefury review

As you can see here, it’s a very minimalist layout which I love. In the lower right hand corner you have a character counter that lets you know when you’ve hit Twitter’s 280-count limit, and if you click the star next to it, the tweet you compose will be saved as an “evergreen” post (more on that later). The “auto-retweet” and “auto-plug a new tweet” are features that did not even exist when I first signed up; Hypefury has been advancing rapidly in what they offer and it’s been exciting to watch!

Once you begin drafting your tweet, you’ll see a button appear in the upper right hand corner next to your writing space in the shape of a plus sign. Click this, and suddenly you’ll see a second writing space pop up. This is how you can create entire threads within Hypefury to be posted to Twitter! Repeat clicking that plus sign as necessary until you’re finished with your thread. I only create 1-2 threads a week, but this is a very powerful feature that allows you to express everything you need to beyond Twitter’s 280-character limit. If you want, you can also paste a long piece of text and it will be turned into a thread automatically.

Hypefury review

Setting up a schedule:

As you can see, creating a tweet or a thread is very easy to accomplish within Hypefury. Now you may be wondering how the actual scheduling works. Their scheduling set-up is a primary reason why I don’t think I’ll be going back to Tweetdeck unless I have to.

Within your settings page, you can create and adjust your schedule as necessary. Since you are allowed unlimited scheduled posts, you really have tons of flexibility when it comes to how much or how little to tweet.

(There are several different theories on how to go about this, but it’s generally suggested that smaller accounts focus more on commenting and interacting with others on Twitter as opposed to sending out a million tweets a day. A small account simply doesn’t have the audience yet, so you can tweet all you want, but if no eyes are seeing your posts then you’re wasting your time. If you have less than 1,000 followers I would suggest sending 5-7 original tweets a day, and add 10-20 valuable comments a day to the tweets of larger accounts in your niche. Of course, experiment with these numbers until you find what works for you). 

Here’s a look at how you can adjust your schedule. You can add time slots to any day of the week in any manner you need to. To remove a time, hover over any time already set, and click the “x” that appears to take it off the schedule.

Below your schedule there is an option to make your posting times more natural. This is an AWESOME feature that I use to better randomize the times my tweets are sent out.

Hypefury review

This is where Hypefury really shines in my opinion. Once your schedule is set and you go to the queue to compose your tweet, all you need to do is write it up and then click “add to queue.” It will automatically add your post to the next available slot in your schedule without you having to manually input the date and time. Of course if you need to, you can still edit this as you’re drafting your tweet. But this was a definitely game changer for me; not having to think about what time and date to post every time I wanted to schedule. I can just write, click to add, and repeat.

Scheduling retweets:

The ability to schedule retweets is another great feature that is unavailable with Tweetdeck. To make it happen, all you need to do is go to Twitter and copy the URL of the tweet you want to schedule. Then, find an open space in your queue and click the retweet symbol to the right of the time slot.

Hypefury review

Paste in the URL and you’ll see the tweet show up. Then, simply add it to your queue and it will be retweeted according to your schedule!

Hypefury review

Saving and auto-retweeting evergreen posts:

If you have a tweet that ends up getting a ton of engagement, or that you just want to share again later on, you can mark it as “evergreen” by highlighting the little star in the lower right hand corner of your writing space (or in your tweet history). Evergreen tweets are the ones that will be auto-retweeted when you have an empty slot in your schedule (should you choose to turn this feature on in your settings).

I was somewhat hesitant to turn on auto-retweets in the beginning because I wasn’t sure how often my evergreen tweets would be retweeted (I didn’t have many anyway since I was just starting out) and I didn’t want the same ones being posted repeatedly. So, I contacted the guys at Hypefury to ask exactly how it works and they set my fears at ease. No single evergreen tweet is posted more frequently than once a week, so you don’t have to worry about posts being retweeted too close together.

I love this feature because as your account grows, you’ll gain new followers who have never seen some of your best content. By auto-retweeting evergreen tweets, you’ll continually increase engagement and the cycle of growth continues!

Tracking the results:

Since I’m on the standard plan, I rely on Twitter’s built-in analytics to track my engagement. You should definitely be using this tool to view your best performing tweets and schedule their retweets accordingly. You can also view overall growth and track which tweets have the best conversion rate. To access your account’s stats, go to

Here is a snapshot of my analytics from December 29, 2019 to February 11, 2020. This is the 45 day period before I began using Hypefury:

Hypefury review

And here are my stats from February 12, 2020 to March 28, 2020 (today), since signing up for Hypefury:

Hypefury review

My impressions have more than tripled since using Hypefury to schedule my tweets! This means I am receiving 3 times the amount of eyes on my posts. The more people who see what you are tweeting, the greater the chances of earning engagement (from a like, retweet, or reply), a follow, or even a sale if you are offering a product in your bio!

Things to consider when using Hypefury:

Overall, I am very happy with the results I’ve been receiving from Hypefury. Sales of my books have increased, as well as subscribers to my email list and traffic to my website. I’m also gaining new Twitter followers at a great rate. I haven’t experienced any glitches with the site, and every scheduled tweet has been sent out as planned with no errors thus far.

At this time, Hypefury does NOT have an app. This may be a turn off for some, but you can still use it effortlessly through your mobile browser. All functionality remains the same, and you still have the same clean layout.

The fact that I can write a tweet, adjust it, and schedule it for later has simplified the way I handle my Twitter account and has saved me a great deal of time. Right now, Twitter does not have an edit button, so if you make a mistake within your tweet you have to either leave it, or delete and start over. Hypefury allows you to get your tweet “just right” before sending it out.

I want to emphasize that Hypefury is NOT the only scheduling tool out there. It just happens to be the one I use personally, and the one that seems to be most commonly used among accounts in my niche. For those reasons I wanted to write a review in case anyone is interested in signing up, but had hesitations on how it worked.

Additionally, your results may vary when it comes to account growth. More important than the tool you use to schedule tweets is the content that you put out. Remember, you always want to add value to your posts and engage with others as well. These are the true keys to growth. (If you want to learn how to write fantastic tweets, check out Charles Miller’s book Make It Stick; I use his advice consistently and my Twitter engagement has skyrocketed since purchasing his guide).

Is Hypefury for you?

Now that you’ve read my Hypefury review and know what it’s all about, what do you think? Are you currently using a different platform to schedule tweets? Will you make the switch? Leave me a comment below on your thoughts, questions, or if you have any remaining hesitations!

Looking forward to hearing from you, and don’t forget to come visit me on Twitter!


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