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In today’s blog post, I want to introduce you to a website that has put together a collection of products to help you decide which courses, books, and content will help you the most in your wealth-building journey. The website is called Ensure Growth, and its founder is a Swedish father and entrepreneur named Sebastian who had a vision to create a site where visitors could browse high value products in one place, and get advice on what to choose for their individual needs. 

Sebastian approached me with an offer to add my book Flipping Free Finds – The High Profit, Low Risk Handbook to his website and after seeing his outlook and mission, I agreed. Let’s face it, there are a TON of products available right now on every topic imaginable from dropshipping to investing and more. It can be very overwhelming trying to decide where to spend your hard-earned money in the quest for information.

Read on to learn more about Sebastian and his project, Ensure Growth:


I’m the guy behind Ensure Growth and this is my story.

My name is Sebastian, I’m 26 years old and I grew up in Sweden.

During the first part of my life I struggled. I grew up under less fortunate circumstances and had to start my working career at age eleven handing out flyers after school and wishing about having a better future, even though I could not really see it.

I had to work hard to move forward in life and when I tore out my back in a work injury, lost my job due to it and got told by doctors I could not keep working I couldn’t help but feeling as if life was trying to knock me down.

It took a few years of slowly trying to rebuild myself, both physically but also mentally. I had to re-educate myself and create a new future. Four diplomas later and a job in the stock market I was still hooked on learning!

Even though me and my wife had a two-year-old and a baby on the way I could not get enough.

I started looking at new places for more education, my fire was lit and nothing would put it out! And this is when I bought a course that turned out to be a complete waste of money… I got scammed. The twitter profile behind the product seemed trustworthy, the product looked good but it’s content was such a disappointment.

This got me thinking that there should be a place where the products are tested to make sure that you’re at least getting what you’re paying for. Getting back up from a hard past or a tough situation is not supposed to be a bad experience, you’re not supposed to get scammed!

That experience is what made me decide to start Ensure Growth.

At Ensure Growth we’re ensuring that you will be growing with the products that you find.

We test out all the products for you, we turn down those who don’t meet the requirements and we offer to help you find the perfect product just for you!

We are constantly adding new products as we finish them, spending our time going through the bad ones so that you don’t have to!

My goal in life is to help one million people to achieve their dreams!

What is your goal and what are you doing to get there?

Head over to Ensure Growth now and take a look at some of the offerings! You’re going to find some familiar products as well as some you may not have heard of before.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Sebastian for sharing his website and story with my audience! He’s working diligently to continue to bring you some of the best products and tools out there to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’d like to submit your book, course, or product for consideration to be featured on his website, you can submit a request here: https://ensuregrowth.com/contact-us/.

Also be sure to follow Ensure Growth on Twitter for the latest news and updates on the website!

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