8 Dawn Dish Soap Hacks You Might Not Know About

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Now, let’s get started. I LOVE Dawn dishwashing liquid. It’s like a miracle ingredient around our busy house. Everyone already knows it’s great for washing dishes, but did you know Dawn has many other cool uses? Here are just a few of my favorite Dawn hacks to make your life a little easier.

1: Make Quick And Easy Ice Packs

Mix water and Dawn in a sandwich bag and toss it in the freezer. The soap prevents the water from freezing completely, making the perfect flexible ice pack to grab for those occasional bumps and bruises.

2: Kill Fleas On Your Pet And In Your Carpet

Dawn is great for killing fleas, and a lot less harsh than other traditional flea treatments. You can give your pet a bath by adding half a cup to a cup of Dawn to the water and have your pet sit for 5 minutes. Give them a good scrub and rinse, and then comb through their coat to remove any remaining fleas. Additionally, you can mix up a solution of water and Dawn in a spray bottle and treat your carpets too!

3: Remove Stickers, Labels, And Glue Residue

Rub some Dawn on that stubborn sticky surface, let it sit, and you’ll be able to remove the residue with ease.

4: Unclog Tub, Shower, And Sink Drains

Pour about half a cup of Dawn into the clogged drain and wait 30 minutes. Flush with boiling water and watch the clog disappear!

5: Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

All out of WD-40? No problem! You can lubricate squeaky door hinges, wheels, tracks, and more with a little Dawn.

6: Defend Houseplants From Bugs And Flies

I love using Dawn as a first line of defense when it comes to my plants. I put several drops in a spray bottle, add water, and mist my plants once a week with the solution. Not only does it prevent and kill pests like mealybugs, gnats, and spider mites, it keeps your plants dust free and happy!

7: Remove Carpet Stains

This one is incredibly useful for those of us who have pets and/or kids, or anyone who wants nice looking carpets. Mix up a solution of hydrogen peroxide and original Dawn, and spray it on the stain. It won’t discolor your carpet and even removes odors!

8: Remove Oil And Car Grime From Skin

My husband actually discovered this one. Usually after doing an oil change or other work on our vehicles, he uses a specialty cleaner to remove the grease, grit, and oil that gets on his hands and arms. Last time he decided to grab the Dawn I keep on the sink instead and was very impressed at how easily and quickly he was able to clean up. It cuts grease like a charm!

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Is Dawn a staple in your household? What other Dawn hacks do you love?

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